Arizona Senator Steve Yarbrough (R-Dist. 21)  Instrumental  In Law Change for Restoration Rides Ministry

We anticipated using the non-profit car donor program to help with fund raising, only to find out that an Arizona law prevented non-profits from selling cars during their first five years of operation.  This was disappointing news to us so we contacted Senator Steve Yarbrough’s office for help.  They immediately  went to work researching the law and determined that it had been drafted many years ago and indicated that revising the law was a possibility.

Senator Yarbrough and his staff began drafting the changes needed and started the legislative process.  Had it not been for Senator Yarbrough’s intervention the new bill would have died in committee.  But, Praise God, S.B 1195 passed both the Senate and House and was signed by the Governor on March 29th of this year.

Thank you Senator Steve Yarbrough for your help in addressing this important issue for Restoration Rides Ministry.

With the ability to participate in the Car Donor Program, we can raise the  funds to help needy and distressed families with their car repair needs.