You and your mechanic may not be best buddies, but it’s definitely beneficial to establish a good relationship with them. To keep them happy, these are the things you should not be doing with your car, for your sake and his too…

• Ignoring your “Check Engine” and other warning lights
• Waiting too long on routine maintenance
• Ignoring unusual noises or smells
• Buying a used car without a professional pre-purchase inspection report
• Shopping for the lowest price on a brake job
• Driving on worn tires
• Driving your car when it’s overheated
• Ignoring oily wet stains on your driveway
• Bringing in your own parts
• Expecting a free diagnosis
• Telling them what to fix
• Complaining about shop supply charges
• Bringing in a dirty car
• Withholding information hoping the issue will go away
• Putting fluids in the wrong places

Although I tend to arm wrestle my mechanic at times it is always a good idea to treat them with the respect they deserve, IF they’ve earned it in the past.