George was born in Phoenix and currently resides in Mesa, Arizona.  He received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from ASU after serving three years in the Army.

After graduation, he began a career in Financial Management, spending 11 years with General Electric, and 10 years with ITT.  He retired from Chase Bank in 2006, after 15 years in both financial and sales management.

His interest in cars has been for the most part that of a consumer, getting from point A to point B without problems.  But, his friendship with Carlos created within him a desire to “turn a wrench”.  This resulted in the acquisition of a 1937 Tudor Ford project car which he recently sold.  He is currently looking for a new ride.

George’s successful financial background will ensure that proper record-keeping, accounting, controls and reporting of all financial actvity will meet government and donor expectations.

George is married, with two children.  He is currently a bible study leader for a small group that meets in his home.