1 12, 2019

Restoration Rides Ministry is an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization for Tax Credits

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Restoration Rides Ministry was approved this year as a qualified charitable organization. This means that you can now take advantage of the tax credit program offered by the State Of Arizona. As you consider year end giving and your tax preparation for next year, you can make a donation of $800 for married tax taxpayers filing a joint return or $400 for single taxpayers.
Our Qualifying Charitable Organization filing code is 22053. To qualify for the Arizona tax credit, our code number must be included when preparing your Arizona tax filing for 2019. Please consult your tax advisor for reporting requirements.

So far this year we have been able to help 17 families with car repairs. Please consider this option when making your donations. Our only source of income is donations from individuals, and 90% of all donations go directly to providing safe and reliable transportation for families in need.

18 09, 2019

September TMI

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You and your mechanic may not be best buddies, but it’s definitely beneficial to establish a good relationship with them. To keep them happy, these are the things you should not be doing with your car, for your sake and his too…

• Ignoring your “Check Engine” and other warning lights
• Waiting too long on routine maintenance
• Ignoring unusual noises or smells
• Buying a used car without a professional pre-purchase inspection report
• Shopping for the lowest price on a brake job
• Driving on worn tires
• Driving your car when it’s overheated
• Ignoring oily wet stains on your driveway
• Bringing in your own parts
• Expecting a free diagnosis
• Telling them what to fix
• Complaining about shop supply charges
• Bringing in a dirty car
• Withholding information hoping the issue will go away
• Putting fluids in the wrong places

Although I tend to arm wrestle my mechanic at times it is always a good idea to treat them with the respect they deserve, IF they’ve earned it in the past.

7 08, 2019


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Thanks to generous donations, Restoration Rides Ministry was able to help 8 more families with their car issues in the first six months of this year. These families, that included 12 children, are now able to make doctor and school appointments as well as provide transportation to and from work.

Thank you for your continued support.